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Empower corporate customers and provide value supply chain services

FlashFulfillment is committed to providing the professional integrated warehousing and distribution solutions for Southeast Asian e-commerce corporations.


FlashFulfillment is committed to providing a professional warehousing and shipping service for E-commerce companies in Southeast Asia

Our Service

Leading intelligent warehousing & distribution service with technology

Warehouse service
Logistics service
Packing service
Shipping service
Code sticker service
Cash on delivery service
Operation Agency
Place of delivery
Custom clearance
International Logistics
Financial services
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Our Value

Warehouse Trusteeship & Life Change

Multi-language system Support multi-language switching among Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian and Lao. (8 countries)
Personalized customization By providing the personalized customized system services, FlashFulfillment can support customers to use it in multiple scenarios.
Sub-storage structures Support the owner with multiple sub-storage, Which will delivery the nearest warehouse, improve customer experience
Big sales processing Wave picking System efficiency, solving for big sales, group buying and other orders
Warehousing team More than 10 years of experience in warehouse logistics industry, professional warehous technical and business service team, trustworthiness